What are the reserves of a mineral resource? Give two factors that determine the supply of a nonrenewable mineral resource. 2. Explain the concept of depletion time in regard to mineral resources. 3. What is surface mining? If surface mines and quarries cover less than 0.5% of the land surface of the U.S., why is there so much environmental concern about them? 4. Distinguish between municipal solid waste and hazardous waste. 5. Define the term e-waste and give four examples of e-waste. 6. What materials in municipal solid wastes are the most easily recycled? About how much of the municipal solid waste in the U.S. is currently being recycled? 7. Identify two advantages and two disadvantages of incinerating municipal solid wastes. 8. Explain how sanitary landfills are an improvement over the open dumps of the past. 9. How is the majority of liquid hazardous wastes disposed of in the U.S.? Give one advantage and one disadvantage of using this method. 10. Define the following acronyms, and explain the purpose of each law: RCRA: CERCLA:

Select two methods commonly used in multivariate thematic maps. Explain each one in detail, and then discuss two scenarios (i.e. two different mapping projects) where you would employ such techniques.

List three sampling techniques used by geographers to collect data from the field, and also list three spatial arrangements for collecting such data.

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