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What are the Solution and Implementation of the impact of staffing shortages of nurses affect healthcare outcomes in USA. or how can we improve and solve the shortage of nurses in USA Outline your recommended solution to the problem or issue.

State your solution clearly and specifically.

Describe exactly what should be done;

how it should be done, including by whom, with whom, and in what sequence; when actions should begin; and estimate cost and means of payment. List each bold and underlined word and then discuss (required). Here are key points to keep in mind as you write this section: Have I indicated an awareness of the problem and of implementation (i.e., the what and how aspect)? Have I been specific enough ( i.e., when and cost)? (A specific solution will state what style is most appropriate for the situation and how you will attempt to the have the manager realize the appropriate style.) What aspects of the problem remain unresolved by my solution? Does my recommended solution and implementation plan address the problem or issues and causes identified in the previous sections? Does my solution consider and resolve the identified pros and cons? How will I evaluate the effectiveness of the implemented recommended solution? What process checks or procedures will I put in place to institutionalize the improvement? Could my solution cause other problems or issues? What risks are inherent in the solution you recommend? What contingency plans do you recommend? Assess the realism of your proposed action plan. For example, is there adequate time, money, or other resources for your solution? In addition, does your solution place too much reliance on other people being reasonable (i.e., on what you think is reasonable)?

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