What are the three essential differences between genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and conventionally bred crop varieties?

What is turgor pressure? Can plant cells have negative turgor pressure values? Is it possible to calculate the turgor pressure of a cell from water potential and osmotic potential values?

On a ranch in Idaho, there is a large population of brown rabbits that is at Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium for two alleles C and c Homozygous ccrabbits, which make up about 5% of the population, are albino and therefore easy to see. A hole in the fence allows foxes onto the ranch and they proceed to eat all of the albino rabbits (but none of the brown rabbits). The foxes are then removed and the hole is fixed. Based on this information, which statement is NOT TRUE? A. The population will return to Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium for C and c in the next generation of rabbits. B. There will be no albino rabbits in the next generation. C. The allele frequency of c will be decreased relative to its frequency in the population before the foxes ate the albino rabbits.

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