Consider the small, nocturnal, ancestral mammal from around 80mya that eventually evolved to become a primate. 1. What did moving into the trees mean anatomically and behaviorally? 2. What are the specifics of primate life histories, how did they develop and why? We discussed how both ecological and social pressures shaped primate cognition. 3. What are the two hypotheses to explain increasing intelligence in primates? 4. How well do these hypotheses fit across the primate order? Sociality, which plays an enormous and integral role in the success of primates, is evidenced in many ways: inter- and intra-group interactions, parent-offspring, male-female. 5. What are some of the specific behaviors that primates engage in to create and maintain these social bonds? 6. In particular, cooperative behaviors give primates a significant advantage. What types of cooperation that have developed in primate societies and how can they be explained from an evolutionary point of view?

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