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What are the uses of GPS/GIS in predicting plate movement and how does this help with allowing safety measures?

Refer to topographic map from Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) below. This is the same map we used in the Topographic Map lab. Use it and Google Earth to answer the following questions. 6. What type of glaciation took place here? Mountain or continental glaciation? Did these features form as a result of glacial erosion or deposition? 7. What is the glacial term for Ptarmigan and Emerald Lakes? What type of valley is occupied by Ptarmigan and Emerald Lakes and how does this type of valley form? 8. Go to Google Earth and examine Longs Peak (it’s a little south and west of our map area), the highest peak in RMNP. How high is this peak? Example the valleys around the peak and tell me what kind of glacial feature this is and describe how it formed. 9. Examine the ridge between Tyndall and Chaos Creeks (from Hallett Peak to the 10,400 foot elevation). Go to Google Earth to examine it in more detail. Describe and name this glacial feature and explain how it formed. ge 1 of 3 61 of 375 words DO Focus 即 Type here to search o II 1 ARIMER CO GRAND CO Mailings Tour Joe Mit Letter Review M higher les View Nochter Parige Point ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK Parim Pose bio Min SCALE 1:24 000 COUTURE ORGAR

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