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A medium sized engineering company has, until recently, supplied components to the agricultural and other general engineering industries. Minimizing cost to the business has always taken priority over their ability to produce Right First Time. Parts have often been reworked and customer requirements easy to satisfy with little demand for on time deliveries and a casual attitude to cost.

The management team have recently made a decision to significantly broaden their manufacturing base by diversifying into more lucrative sectors with lower volumes, tighter tolerances and higher specifications.

However, they still intend to continue supplying their existing customers. They appreciate that with this strategic change, they urgently need to review their current approach to quality, cost and delivery as they know new customers will be far more demanding with many requiring adherence to UK and international legislation – some safety related.

Q2) In the scenario detailed, dramatically improving the quality and delivery performance of the business is essential as soon as possible (M2) (700 words)

Make a reasoned evaluation of the quality control techniques the business could use to quickly improve its quality and delivery. Your reasoning should take into consideration the relative costs of these techniques, their effectiveness and their speed of implementation

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