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1) a- What do the exact contents and organization of the written report and oral presentation depend on? *

1.1 The sample studied and the research questions

1.2 The budget of the study and management’s philosophy

1.3 The problem of the organization and the efficiency of researchers

1.4 The purpose of the research study and the audience to which it is targeted

b) Which of the following is NOT a way to define a business research? *

b.1 Systematic

b.2 Organized

b.3 Subjective

b.4 Data-based

c) Which of the following is NOT a reason why managers should be knowledgeable about research? *

c.1 Being more friendly with employees

c.2 Identifying and solving minor problems

c.3 Relating effectively to researchers and consultants

c.4 Being able to take calculated risks

d) ______ are data in the form of words, generally gathered through observation or from responses to open ended questions. *

d.1 Qualitative data

d.2 Superficial data

d.3 Numerical data

d.4 Quantitative data

e) The research method should be mentioned in the _________. *

e.1 the preface

e.2 introductory section

e.3 final part of the report

e.4 the body of the report

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