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What would be some opportunities and challenges of a resort in integrating local cultural resources? Can you identify how stereotypes can potentially evolve that may lead to myths and misconceptions of the region. Provide examples to support your arguments.

What do you think shaking would be like at the airport? At the airport bedrock is found about 3000-4000 feet below the surface. The soil, however, is very dry to depths of 1000 feet. 3) What do you think would happen to buildings located close to the Rio Grande when there was water in the river? 4) The S-wave velocity of layers within the upper 30 m of a soil often are a good predictor of ground motion in a large earthquake. The lower the velocity, the more likely strong shaking will occur. Shown below is a map of soil velocities for the upper 30 m in the El Paso-Juarez region. White lines mark the state and national boundaries.

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