What do you understand by Environmental Impact Assessment? (EIA) (b) What are the two major data used in EIA and why? (c) Explain the steps you would take in an EIA to aid in the decision-making process

Describe and explain Hume’s conception of impressions and ideas and how they result in Hume’s Fork (the epistemic distinction between relations of ideas and matters of fact)

2: Assess the following argument. What type of argument is it? Is it valid? Is it sound?

A: If the sun rises tomorrow, the moon will turn to cheese

B: The sun will rise tomorrow

C: Therefore, the moon will turn to cheese

Food chains are short, straight-line connections among feeding levels. When organisms die, they are broken down by decomposers. Describe some common decomposers, and the role they play in ecology. Can organisms exist at different trophic levels? Where does the energy and nutrients in decomposers go? (10 pts)

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