1. Unlike prokaryotic cells, eukaryotic cells:

            a. have a cell membrane.

            b. have cytoplasm.

            c. have ribosomes.

            d. divide using a spindle.

2. The organelles in eukaryotic cell include the _____________, Golgi, E.R. and mitochondrion.

3. True or False. Membranes regulate passage in a cell.

4. If I place a celery slice in water:

            a. turgor pressure increases.

            b. turgor pressure decreases.

            c. turgor pressure remains unchanged.

5. A celery slice is placed in a 10% salt solution. Which way does water move?

            a. Into the cells.

            b. Out of the cells.

6. T or F. Antibiotics are produced naturally by microbes in the soil.

7. What are 2 examples of foods produced using fermentation?

8. T or F. Taking an antibiotic when you do not have a bacterial infection can affect your digestion.

9. Bacteria are beneficial to you. What are 2 examples?

10. We refer to bacteria and fungi in the soil as the Great Recyclers. That is because:

            a. they take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide.

            b. they breakdown dead matter and return nutrients to the soil.

            c. they divide so quickly.

            d. they live in places most organisms would find inhospitable.

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