1. The vascular stage of inflammation occurs due to production of inflammatory mediators from an arachidonic acid precursor?

A) What two inflammatory mediators are made from the above precursor?

B) What effect do corticosteroids have on the production of these inflammatory mediators?

C) What effect do NSAIDs have on the production of these inflammatory mediators?

D) Can you think of a health consequence if a patient is treated for NSAIDs and have a predisposition for asthma. (You may want to consider which pathway remains uninhibited by the NSAIDs and what that particular type of molecule affects in the body)

2. Why do you believe that chronic inflammation can result in organ damage (consider the organ is the site of the chronic inflammation)?

3. You visit your physician to evaluate an injury you received at work, one week prior. After his examination, the physician concludes you are exhibiting leukocytosis. What does this mean?

4. How can a fibrinous exudate help to control bacterial infections in an injured tissue?

5. A) What is a mechanism during inflammation that triggers fever? B) Which type of cell(s) is/are responsible for the production of the molecule that triggers fever?

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