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Business ethics are guidelines for business managers to make ethical decisions that impact positively on society and the environment. With the help of Globalization trade has increased and so has the responsibility to have fair practices when dealing with suppliers, customers, and the employees of the firms.

  1. Check for more recent situations where companies have been accused of violating ethical issues. Explain the unethical practices. (Issues: Bribery, Antitrust activity, Internet Security and Privacy, Human Rights, Health Care, Labor and the Right to Work, Compensation, Consumerism, Green washing, pollution)
  2. Why do you think these companies choose to engage in unethical practices?
  3. How the Global Corporations can support responsible businesses? List their name and how specific a corporation can stop your mentioned unethical practices. (Example of Global corporations: IMF, United Nation Global Compact, WTO, and many more find the relevant one)

Answer each part and clearly mention the part name.

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