What factors are involved in genetic vaariation? Can the concepts be both detrimental and beneficial? Give examples. 2. For a given population, what 3 mechanisms other than natural selection can result in changes in gene frequencies (microevolution)? How do each of these operate? 3. Compare and contrast artificial and natural selection, How do these concepts affect fitness in certain population? How does this affect evolution of a species?o ono s 4. Consider the effect of selection on the length of cars in a population of feral goats. For each graph below, draw the shape of the curve after many generations of the type of selection indicated. The dotted curve shows the starting distribution of the population. Draw your curve over it. DRECTIONAL SELBCTION FOR SHORTER EARS STABLZING SELECTION DISRUPTIVE SELECTION Langh of ears nd uny anio leme Langth of ears vo codt Lengh of ears o otaub n blonde nodibo00 odar obol0 bonniang-llo wola lo noitsbion ARCE kouen

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