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What flexibility in terms of work-life balance you get in your company?

A: The company provides me with flexible working hours of 8 hours per day with 5 days work week to balance my family time as well as the official time. I can take my weekly offs as per my schedule and can change it from week to week.

Q: How much flexibility you have in your company in setting your own goals and their achievements?

A: We can set the working target on a weekly basis and monthly basis too. The achievements are measured not in terms of working hours but the output of the work. We can even take work from home to achieve the targets easily. The company allows us to complete our monthly targets with extra working hours and pay.

Q: What are the recreational activities provided by your company?

A: We get sufficient leisure time to work on our physical activities. We have indoor sports and once in a month company arranges an outing for employees to get a near view of work-life balance. This improves the efficiency of the employee. A friendly atmosphere is provided for all the employee to show their creativity in various competitions organized from time to time.

Q: What are the family benefits provided in your company?

A; In case you are expecting a child the company provided both maternal and paternal leave grants to the employee before the child is born and also after the child is born. The company provides better healthcare facilities to create a family culture for the employees and with every facility.

Q: What are the night working hours be like in your company?

A: In night shifts the company provides pick-up and drop facility to each and every employee and for women employees, special transportation is provided with women staffs in the cabs and buses for their safety. In night shifts if you are not feeling well then the company provides a restroom for employees to take rest.

The assignment should be produced in an essay format and should provide:

1. An account of the analysis that you have conducted on the interview data. This account include:

a. A short introduction that covers the topic and the specific issue (e.g. maternity leave, long working hours etc..) of the interview and an overview of the interview schedule. Here you should say what influenced your choice of interview questions (approx.: 200 words).

b. The rationale for your choice of interview (semi-structured/unstructured) and your analytic strategy (e.g. the reasons and justifications for why you chose thematic analysis or template analysis) and the suitability to your chosen issue. You may need to reference relevant research methods books. (Approx.: 200 words)

c. How you conducted the data analysis. You need to make your description of the analysis process as clear and as transparent as possible, so if you are using template analysis you should include information on, for example, how you constructed the template, how you performed the coding process, the final template and why this changed from the initial template. (Approx.: 300 words)

d. The findings of your analysis. These include the themes that flow from the interview (and the transcript) and tabulated using an order of choice. (Approx.: 200 words)

e. A reflection on the process of interviewing and analysis. You may want to focus on issues such as the insights your analysis has provided into the research topic, the difficulties you encountered in conducting the interviews, the difficulty you encountered in conducting your analysis, the quality of your results, the limitations of using interviews to study your research topic and the limitations of the analytical approach taken as well as any ethical issues that arose in the research. This should be approximately 500 words of the total word count

I choose Work-Life Conflict and/or Work-Life Balance. PLEASE answer A, B, C, D, E from the question and answer that I showed it in the top.

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