During embryonic development red blood cells begin to develop in patches called blood islands. The blood cells secrete growth factors that diffuse only to nearby cells, signaling differentiation into endothelial cells. The endothelial cells eventually form the linings of the blood vessels.” The growth factor described in the passage is involved in what type of signaling? O Autocrine O Paracrine O Endocrine O Juxtacrine QUESTION 7 What would happen if you treated cells with a toxin that inhibits tubulin’s enzymatic activity? o It would prevent polymerization of microtubules. O It would prevent depolymerization of microtubules. O Both of the above O Neither of the above QUESTION 8 Which of the following is a disadvantage of being a multicellular organism? O Greater energy needs O More difficult to absorb nutrients 0 Reproduction more difficult O All of the above QUESTION 10 Which adaptation specific to becoming multicellular compensates for the destabilizing effect of increased size? (Think carefully about answer choices!) O All of the above o Cytoskeleton O Tight junctions O Extracellular matrix O Both ECM and tight junctions

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