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What happens during the apparent retrograde motion of a planet?

The planet appears to move westward with respect to the stars over a period of many nights.

The planet moves backward through the sky over the course of a night.

The planet moves backward in its orbit around the Sun.

The planet moves through constellations that are not part of the zodiac.

The planet rises in the west and sets in the east.

Why didn’t Copernicus’ heliocentric model give better results than Ptolemy’s model?

A. Copernicus placed the sun at the center, but didn’t realize that the moon orbits Earth.

B. Copernicus misjudged the distances between the planets.

C. Copernicus used perfect circles for the planets’ orbits.

D. Copernicus misjudged the speeds at which the planets orbited the sun.

E. Copernicus placed the planets in the wrong order.

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