what happens when electrons are shared equally? what happens when they are shared unequally? which has more energy

There are three living groups of mammals – Placentals, Marsupials, and Monotremes. you were going to conduct a phylogenetic analysis of placentals and marsupials it would be a natural choice to use monotremes as your outgroup. Looking at the figures from Luo’s paper (Transformation and diversification in early mammal evolution) explain why this outgroup might result in issues with your resultant phylogeny. Is there a better choice? For the toolbar, press ALT+F10 (PC) or ALT+FN+F10 (Mac). TT T Arial 13 (12pt) T E Words Path:
Triassic Jurassic Cretaceous Cenozoic Midl Late Early Mid Late Early Therreto do procurogratis probanogratis Tritylodontis theledontics Pachyger Drastodontia (Bracher Haramyidans YE Sinoconodon A Haldendor Therum Castorocauda Shuteris Coastalomyida Stem Ausktribosphenids austratosphenidans Stem monotremes Fruitfosser ! Ameses penoma MD Y anoconodon r iconodontidae T Euricono de Voleicotherium Multituberculate Tinodontids Zhanghiotheride Triassic lides Jurassic Cretaceous S Cenozo Dryolestids Morganucodonts Docedents Stemboroshenidens Australophonidans monotremos E conodonts M ercules -Stamlar this tree if you were going to conduct a phylogenetic analysis of placementals and maru
abe x X2 AV A A IA activate Office if you’ve already bought it. Early Mid Late Farly ras Md E arly odon t ie Programu ya Theodosios pachypoets Presentar H ronomicasiorocauda Docodonts Shuothonis Astalomyida Stem Austribosphoridaustratospher Stor monotones Amphistoso hutafssor s M Euriconodonts Yanoconodon Thonodontida Eutriconodonts Vooth – Mutu • Tinodontics Zhanghethods Aidos Drycles AU ospheniden Euricondo
x? XAVATA = = MAI to activate Office if you’ve already bought it. Cenozo Mid Cretaceous Early Trac Jurassic Early Mid Late • Prosinognatis probangrats theledontidsPachygen Prastodontisc hem Tritylodontids! Harumiyidans Sinoconodon Docodonts! astorocauda Shuthords i Stem skribosphenidi australorphenidans som monotremes Monotremata Repenojamus Yanoconodon Triconodontida Eutriconodonts Muftituberculates Tinodontide Zhangheothrids Spalacotheroids
bliotheum Muituberculos Tinodontics SZhangheotherids risic Cretaceous Akidolastas CendroC Spalacotheroids Horrelothrium Amphithenium Dryolestis Vincelestes Morganucodonts Docodonts • Stem borospheridans Australosphenidans-monotremes Euriconodonts tiltherians Stem utherans Multituberculates Spalacotheroids Sinodephys Stem cladotherians Stem boreosphenidans metatherians Eutherians-placental விடலில் Metatherine-marsupials Marsupialia

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