1.) What is a naturally competent bacterium? Give two examples of bacterial Genera capable of natural transformation.

2.) Is E. coli naturally competent? If not, how can biotechnologists transform this species?

3.) Why do we want to use B. subtilis (+) to transform B. subtilis (phe-)?

4.) Bacilis subtilis (+) is a prototroph we used as a donor to perform natural transformation. Can you use an auxotroph strain to transform another auxotroph? For example, can we use a methionine auxotroph (met-) to transform a phenylalanine auxotroph (phe-) and have the transformed species grow on GMS? Why or why not?

5.)Why in a natural competency advantageous? Think of some real-world examples (hint: one is in your lab manual).

6.) For the extraction of DNA, understand what each reagent is, and what it is used for:

Resuspension buffer:

10% SDS:




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