1. A protein retained on an affinity chromatography column is usually eluted off the column by:

none of these
applying low pressure to the column
gradually increasing the salt concentration of the elution buffer.
adding excess of the protein’s ligand.
changing the pH of the elution buffer.

2. In two-dimensional SDS-PAGE protein analysis, proteins in a mixture are separated by their:

affinity for polyacrylamide and overall hydrophobicity
PI and molecular weight
molecular weight and overall hydrophobicity
overall hydrophobicity and PI
affinity for polyacrylamide and molecular weight

3. Which of the following statements is true about active transport?

It is exergonic.
It must be regulated by phosphorylation
It is needed only for the transport of polar molecules.
The transported species can move against its concentration gradient.

4. In membrane proteins, fluidity is decreased by:

higher percentage of shorter chain fatty acids
Increase in cholesterol content
higher percentage of unsaturated fatty acids
decrease in cholesterol content

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