Aquatic Ecosystem Where is the ecosystem located Tu 39.2 Aquatic Ecosystem Location Temperature Temperature 2 meters above ground When are you conducting this study time of year and day? Soil surface 2 meters above water Below water surface Measure the weather conditions. Take the temperature at the shoreline 2 meters above the ground and at the surface of the ground in both shade and sunlight. What is the tempera ture at the surface of the water? If possible, take a tempera ture reading at various depths beneath the surface of the water and 2 meters above the surface of the water Record these temperatures in Table 39.2. Write a general overview of the study area, and take several general photographs. Is the water flowing still, or stagnant? Take a sample of the water, if possible, with the collection jar. Being the jar to the lab as soon as possible, and examine the water with a compound microscope. Describe and iden- tify, if possible, the organisms found in the water. Discard the water and slide as instructed Describe the abiotic conditions of this aquatic ecosystem. Name the most obvious animals, both invertebrate and vertebrate, in your study area. Describe the type of bottom, if possible (sand, clay, silt). Describe the condition of the water as related to light penetration (muddy, murky, clear). Using both scientific and common names, identify several organisms and their place in the food web. What are the dominant plants on the shoreline? Are any plants living in the water? 792 Exploring Biology in the Laboratory

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