Which of these statements are true about cancer cells? O Cancer cells that are benign are crucially fatal. All cancer cells are malignant and metastatic. Cancer cells do not ignore signals that prevent abnormal cell growth. O Cancer cells do not mature into distinct cell types with a very particular function. D Question 2 10 pts What is another term for catabolism? Glycolysis Apoptosis O Degradation Biosynthesis Identify one of the findings of Dr. Otto Warburg. Cancer cells can be either malignant or benign. Glycolysis is heavily involved in carbohydrate metabolism. Cancer cells produce less lactate. Cancer cells take in more glucose. Question 4 10 pts Glycolysis is the pathway for carbohydrate metabolism. Which of these are produced during this process? Hydrogen peroxide and CO2 o Only 2 ATP 2 pyruvates, 2 ATPs, and 2 NADHS Phosphate, biphosphate, and phosphoglycerates 10 pts In normal cells, pyruvate can produce 2 moles of ATP without oxygen, and 36 moles of ATP with oxygen. In cancer cells O pyruvate will no longer be produced. only 4 moles of ATP are produced, carbohydrate metabolism is slowed. only 1 mole of ATP is produced, Question 6 10 pts The Warburg effect can be simply described as An increase in nucleotide production and decrease in glycogen production Increase glycogen uptake, preferential lactate generation, and high rates of glycolysis. Metastasis and clumping of malignant tumors. Slowed ATP production, complete avoidance of apoptosis, and cell proliferation Which organelle did Warburg initially think was the cause of pyruvate turning into lactate, thus causing cancer? The nucleus The mitochondria The plasma membrane Golgi apparatus Question 8 10 pts The research question that has been posed is: what role does the Warburg effect have in proliferating cancer cells? What is one of the answers that researchers came up with? It occurs to promote biosynthesis in proliferating cancer cells. Disruptions of negative feedback mechanisms that attenuate proliferative signaling Endothelial cells are the most common cells to be infected by cancer. Excessive proliferative signaling triggers cell senescence. Which Hallmark of Cancer was briefly discussed during this video? Evading Growth Suppressors Sustaining Proliferative Signaling Inducing Angiogenesis Enabling Replicative Immortality Question 10 10 pts In two sentences or more, discuss something important in the video that was not covered in the previous questions regarding Warburg or metabolism. Edit View Insert Format Tools Table 12pt Paragraph BIU A 2 T

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