What is defined as the genetic cross betw phenotype (but of unknown genotype a self-cross b. testcross c. hybrid cross etic cross between an individual showing u own genotype) and a homozygous recessive individual? d. Fi cross e dihybrid cross regarding the law of segregation? 7. Which of the following is FALSE regarding the law. a. It states that each of two alleles for a given trait segregate into oneren gametes b. It can be explained by the segregation of homologous chrom by the segregation of homologous chromosomes during meiosis c. It can account for the 3:1 ratio seen in the F2 generation of Menders operation of Mendel’s crosses d. It can be used to predict the likelihood of transmission of certain genetic diseases within families e. It is a method that can be used to determine the number of chromosomes in a plant 8. In certain plants, tall is dominant to short. If a heterozygous plant is crossed with homozygous tall plant, what is the probability that the offspring will be short? a 1/2 d. 1 да b. 1/4 e. 1/16 c. A A O A A A sutto 9. A couple has three children, all of whom have brown eves and blond hair. Both parents are homozygous for brown eves (BB), but one is a blond (r) and the other is a redhead (Rr). What is the probability that their next child will be a brown-eyed redhead? Berr a 1/16 BBR d. 1/2 b. 1/8 rr e. 1 c. 1/4 e RrRr IX Z = rrrrr 10. Black fur in mice (B) is dominant to brown fur (b). Short tails (T) are dominant to long tails ft). What fraction of the progeny of crosses BbTt x BBtt will be expected to have (black fur and long tails? Bb T a 1/16 C 3 BB Bb t TEd. 1/2 b. 3/16 c. 3/8 B B B E true. 9/16 11. In snapdragons, heterozygotes have pink flowers, whereas homozygotes have red or white flowers. When plants with red flowers are crossed with plants with white flowers, what proportion of the offspring will have pink flowers? a. 0% d. 75% b. 25% e. 100% c. 50% A A AA-red Au-pink aa – white

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