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What is globalization? What is its relationship to what we have studied in this course(History of The World/ Socialism, Communism, Industrialization)? What is its relationship to our own time and to the future?

Globalization leads to a lesser price competition among producers, Ob greater price competition among producers. cno price competition between producers, Od None of the above

You discovered a planet that never had volcanoes. The only geological process on the surface of this planet is erosion, which over time erases the surface features. The erosions on this planet have unequal but constant rates in different regions. A simple way to estimate which region has the least erosion is simply by choosing the region with A. The most craters B. Mountains C. The largest craters D. The fewest craters We think the northern plains on Mars may have once held an ocean because they: A. Have lots of craters B. Are rough C. Are older land regions D. Have low elevations

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