Which of the following statements about mismatch repair in mammalian cells is NOT correct? the majority of replication errors are corrected by MMR as well as some deletion and insertion errors b. after the mismatched DNA is excised, it is replaced by high fidelity DNA synthesis c. MutH endonuclease cleaves the daughter strand DNA with the mismatch, allowing exonucleases to remove the mismatched DNA fragment d. eMutLa (Mlh1 and Pms2) is recruited to the eMutSa dimer, and facilitates a looping out of mismatched DNA the MMR pathway initiates when eMutSa (Msh2-Msh6) binds to a mismatch e. on 13 3 pi a. Which of the following statements about nonhomologous end joining in mammalian cells is NOT correct? it repairs double strand breaks b. extensive homology between DNA segments is required to initiate NHEJ minimal DNA end resection is required; the protein Ku binding to DNA ends prevents deep resection d. DNA pol u and 1 are important in NHEJ e. NHEJ takes place throughout the cell cycle C.

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