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What is NOT a strategy employed during gastrulation and neurolation in Xenopus and Drosophilla to cause large changes in embryo form and movement of germ layers?

  changing of cell shape to induce invaginations
  changing adhesion properties of cells so they separate from different germ layers
  rapid mitotic cell division such that the ectodermal cells can grow enough to cover all the embryo
  changing adhesion properties of cells so they can associate with similar cell types
  establishing an apical-basal polarity in the cells

The experiments of John Gurdon provided a definitive proof of which of the governing principles of developmental biology?

  the principle of differential gene expression
  the principle of cell-cell signaling
  all vertebrate development is regulative
  all vertebrate development is mosaic
  the principle of genetic equivalence

A human sperm containing 24 chromosomes fertilizes an egg with 23 chromosomes. The zygote undergoes 1 cell division. How many chromosomes you will have in the daughter cells?

  23 and 24

What is the right sequence in the developmental hierarchy?

  “determination, specification, differentiation, maturation”
  “specification, determination, differentiation, maturation”
  “differentiation, determination, specification, maturation”
  “specification, differentiation, determination, maturation”
  “determination, specification, differentiation, maturation”

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