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what is one advantage of using MSA instead of SIM 110 in isolating species of staph

The fatty acids incorporated into triacylglycerols in adipose tissue are made accessible in three stages. Which is/are correct? Degradation of the fatty acids to acetyl CoA for processing by the ER. All answers are correct None of the answers is correct Activation of the fatty acids and transport into the cytosol for oxidation Degradation of TAG to release fatty acids and glycerol into the blood for transport to energy-requiring tissues. QUESTION 7 In gluconeogenesis None of the answers is correct When ATP and Acetyl CoA are low in the cell, it is active When ATP is high and Acetyl CoA is low in the cell, it is active When ATP is low and Acetyl CoA is high in the cell, it is active When ATP and Acetyl CoA are high in the cell, it is active How are fatty acids transported in the blood? They form portions of the lipoprotein complex. They reform temporarily as triacylglycerols They bind to serum albumin. They are phosphorylated. They are small enough to travel freely in the blood. QUESTION 9 A closed quarter nary protein structure is one in which Each sub unit has its active site covered The complex is unable to add more subunits The complex is capable of adding more subunits There is no such structure Each sub unit is unavailable for activation The mechanism of decarboxylation of pyruvate by pyruvate dehydrogenase requires 4 steps: Which of the following reactions is NOT a step? Decarboxylation occurs. The positive charge on the TPP stabilizes the negative charge resulting from the decarboxylation. The carbanion attacks the carbonyl group of pyruvate. The two-carbon fragment is oxidized and transferred to dihydrolipoamide to form acetyllipoamide on E2 in a reaction also catalyzed by E. Protonation occurs to yield the hydroxyethyl-TPP intermediate. TPP forms a carbanion.

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