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 What is sustainability? A. The achievement of the best possible quality of life for me. B. A reconciliation between resource use and distribution. C. The eradication of poverty and disease. D. Human society functioning in a way that is socially just and living within the limits of natural systems. CQ#2: Are our present lifestyles sustainable? A. Yes B. To Some extent C. Probably not D. No CQ#3. If this issue were discussed at your college campus, what position would you take? A. I would be in favor of the parking lot. B. I would be in favor of the community garden C. I do not know. D. I think students should not even be involved in these decisions. CQ#4: All of these natural resources BUT one are renewable. Which is not renewable? A. Forest trees B. Fertile soil C. Minerals D. Solar energy CQ#5: If we are headed toward a trajectory of falling oil availability, what options are feasible for using this available open space on campus? A. Parking Lot B. Community Garden C. Reconstruct a natural habitat (e.g. A prairie, forest) D. I do not know E. The university president should make this decision CQ#6: Where does most of the energy needed to produce food in modern, large scale agriculture come from? A. The sun B. The soil C. Oil D. Wind power E. There is no need for energy when growing food CQ#7: Is sustainability just a matter of RESOURCE use and allocation? A. Yes B. No C. I do not know CQ#8: Could other attributes (beside those listed below) help to better define sustainability? A. Yes B. No C. I do not know CQ #9: After discussing and learning about sustainability, what decision would you make if you were a student at the same university where Momodu and Ahmed are enrolled? A. I would want the parking lot. B. I would want the community garden. C. I would favor a decision to develop both parking lot and garden. D. I would let the president of the university make that decision. E. I would want the town mayor and residents to become involved in this decision as well.

 A 25 cm diameter pipe carries oil of specific gravity 0.9 at the rate 135 lit/sec and the pressure at point A is 19 kN/m2. If the point A is 3 m above the datum line, calculate the total energy at point A in meters of oil and also draw the pipeline diagram. (Diagram 1 Mark + Calculation 3 Marks = 4 Marks) Enter your student ID in the box and upload your handwritten answers in the separate link provided.

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