What is the best explanation for this behavior? A) Copulation is a fixed action pattern, and the female flight sound is a sign stimulus that initiates it. B) The sound from the earphone irritates the male mosquitoes, causing them to attempt to sting it. C) The reproductive drive is so strong that when males are deprived of females, they will attempt to mate with anything that has even the slightest female characteristic. D) Through classical conditioning, the male mosquitoes have associated the inappropriate stimulus from the earphone with the normal response of copulation. You observe a species of bird that, upon hatching, has contact with its parents only while being fed. You also never hear the parents sing during the feeding process. What would you propose about song learning in this species of bird? 4) A) Song learning in this species is most likely learned. B) The period of imprinting is likely later in the bird’s life. C) The males will learn song when they congregate with other males of their species during the winter. D) Song learning in this species is most likely innate.

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