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INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT: DISCIPLINE ASSIGNMENT: PREPARE A TWO PAGE REPORT ON THE CASE DESCRIBED, OUTLINING THE FOLLOWING: 1. PROCESS: ARE THERE ANY PROBLEMS WITH THE WAY IN WHICH THE EMPLOYER HANDLED THIS SITUATION? IF SO, IDENTIFY THE SPECIFIC PROBLEM(S). 2. COMPANY RULE: WHAT FACTORS NEED TO BE CONSIDERED WHEN ASSESSING THIS “ZERO TOLERANCE RULE? 3. WHAT, IF ANY FACTORS NEED TO BE CONSIDERED BY THE EMPLOYER PRIOR TO TERMINATING THE EMPLOYEE? INCIDENT IN THE WORKPLACE Background: John Smith is a Senior Service representative with seven-year employment with ABC Electronics. He is part of the customer services department that operates as a call centre for client products and services. The employees are unionized, represented by Office and Technical Union, local 123. lohn has received two promotions in his time with ABC Electronics and has only one disciplinary notation on file for being absent from work without ore-approval four years ago There is a valid collective agreement in place for another 18 months. The agreement provides standard language that any member is entitled to have union representation in any discipline or grievance procedure. Also, there is a provision that the employer must have just cause for any disciplinary action Incident: John Smith brought his travel bag to work with him to work last Friday, planning to head to his family cottage directly from work. Among his belongings in his travel hag was a small bag of marijuana. He placed his travel bag in his cubicle and after orahbine a morning cup of coffee, started his computer, working through his e mails. Unbeknownst to him, someone must have smelled the marijuana and reported it to the Human Resources (HR) department. About 20 minutes later, he received a call from the (HR) department and was asked to come to their department immediately to speak with the Labour Relations representative. John responded affirmatively and went immediately to the HR department The LR representative, Sally Too good invited John into her private office and closed the door. There were only the two of them in the office. After sitting down, Sally pulled out a note pad and then she asked John if he had any marijuana with him that day. Knowing that marijuana was now legal in Canada, lohn did not hesitate to admit that he did have a small bag of recreational marijuana in his travel bag. Asked if he had any medical reasons for having or requiring the marijuana, John stated that it was simply for recreation purposes on the upcoming weekend. Sally then advised John that he was in violation of company workplace health and safety policy. As this was a “zero tolerance policy, she was terminating him immediately, for “just cause”. She asked that he surrender his employee access card, which he did. She then escorted him to his cubicle to retrieve his travel bag and other personal belongings then escorted him to the exit door. After leaving the premises and collecting himself, John was still shaking from the experience. Wondering what to do next, he decided to call his union representative.

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