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Top (3.5 km) LCL (? Km) Sea Level Temperature at Point A = 20°C Dew point temperature at lifting condensation level (LCL) = 4 °C Dry Adiabatic Lapse Rate = 10°C/km or 10 °C/1000m Wet Adiabatic Lapse Rate = 6°C/km or 6°C/1000m Note – Points A and B are both at sea level (0 km) Top of the mountain = 3.5 km

How does the average speed of the molecules change in the following situation: Air in a piston starts with a temperature of 300K and a pressure of 1 atmospheres and the air is changed to a temperature of 300K and 3 atmospheres?

For this question, explain the following things. If your answer is well-organized, you can probably do a good job in several sentences or a few short paragraphs.

  1. Viewed from our perspective, as life forms on one of the inner planets of our solar system, how has Jupiter been good for our planet and the evolution of life on it? Or, put another way, if our solar system didn’t have Jupiter, located where it is, why might circumstances be more difficult for the Earth and for life?
  2. Also answer this related question: What if the Earth was in a different solar system, like the other ones we’ve discovered so far. And what if this solar system had one or more Jupiter-sized planets in it? Would that necessarily be a good thing, the way Jupiter is in our solar system? Or is there a “catch” that could make things even worse (and maybe much worse) than having no Jupiter at all?

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