What is the enzyme-bound intermediate in the conversion of citrate and isocitrate? fumarate cis-aconitate hydroxyethyl-TPP oxalosuccinate dihydrocitrate QUESTION 12 How does the potassium channel maintain selectivity for potassium versus sodium ions? 3 po The size of the ion and associated waters relative to the pore size are the determining factors in channel selectivity, None of the answers is correct. Potassium ions associate with six molecules of water while sodium associates with four, thus allowing selectivity The ion size is the determining factor. Dehydration of the potassium ion is compensated energetically by interactions with oxygen atoms in the selectivity filter, which is not possible with sodium ions QUESTION 13 What cycle allows for the net synthesis of glucose from acetyl-CoA? Calvin cycle glyoxylate cycle urea cycle None of the answers is correct. C4 pathway QUESTION 14 What enzyme(s) is (are) responsible for the following reaction? Pyruvate + CoA+NAD → acetyl CoA + NADH+H+ + CO2 acetyl CoA synthetase pyruvate carboxylase None of the answers is correct. pyruvate decarboxylase pyruvate dehydrogenase complex

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