What is the frequency of the heterozygous genotype if the homozygous genotype frequencies are .1385 (B1B1) and 0.5897 (B2B2)?

b. What is the frequency of the B1 and B2 alleles in the population?

Locate the following article online: Smoking is Associated with Shortened Airway Cilia. 2009. Leopold PL, O’Mahoney, MJ, Lian XI, Tilley AE, Harvey BG, Crystal RG. PLOS ONE 4(12): e8157. This article is open-access, meaning it’s free for anyone in the world to read. You don’t need to pay for it or be logged in. Try searching for the article title in Google. If you’re having trouble, include the title in quotation marks: “Smoking Is Associated with Shortened Airway Cilia.” Read the section of the article marked “Introduction.” You DO NOT need to read the entire article. We will read more of this paper and explore the topic further in an upcoming lab. IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to an error on the part of the authors or the editors of the journal PLOS ONE, the symbol is replaced by throughout the article, – is replaced by , and some (although not all) instances of u are replaced by . A. After reading the Introduction, summarize what is already known about the functions of cilia in the airway and the appearance and functioning of airway cilia in cigarette smokers versus nonsmokers. (2 pts) 3 B. Describe the Purpose of this study in your own words (3 pts). DO NOT COPY OR QUOTE FROM THE PAPER, OR YOU WILL RECEIVE NO CREDIT. What were the experimental goals of the authors – that is what were they trying to figure out? To receive full credit, you must explain what hypothesis the authors were testing (2 pts) and why they were testing it -ie. what did they already know? (1 pt) Hint: the gene expression analysis described in the article was done after the authors had obtained their initial fesults, so that isn’t what they first set out to investigate.

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