What are ‘microvilli’ (and where are they found)? What is their function, and what can’t you see them at scanning power (or even at high power)? Functions of digestive system organs/structures. a. Describe how the action of the teeth (chewing) makes the chemical digestion by enzymes so much more efficient. b. Describe TWO functions of saliva. c. What is the term for the process that moves food down the esophagus and through the rest of the digestive system? Describe how it works. d. What structure functions to prevent stomach ‘juices’ from backing up into the esophagous? e. Describe the two major functions of the stomach. f. Name the enzyme, and specific type of acid secreted by the stomach. What kind of nutrient is being digested by these chemicals? g. What structure controls the flow of material from the stomach to the small intestine? h. What substance is produced by the liver for use in the digestive process? What does this substance do? Where is this substance stored? What is the function of the bicarbonate produced by the pancreas? What else does the pancreas produce for the digestive process?

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