Is energy a nutrient? 2. List the 6 classes of nutrients. 3. Where does gastric digestion take place in the cow? 4. Where does gastric digestion take place in the chicken? 5. Where does fermentation take place in the cow? 6. Where does fermentation digestion take place in the horse? 7. What is the key difference between starch and cellulose? 8. Can mammals digest cellulose? Why not? 9. Define energy. 10. Why do cats have such a short digestive tract? 11. Name the 4 things you must consider when formulating a ration 12. What are 3 sources of water? 13. What is the general chemical formula of carbohydrates? 14. Is lignin a carbohydrate? 15. What in what form is the major source of energy that cattle absorb from the rumen? 16. How many essential amino acids are there? 17. Calculate the amount of protein a feedstuff that contains 4% N has. 18. True or False: Microbial Protein is a good quality source of protein for ruminants 19. What is the difference between fats and oils? 20. How many carbons are in short chain fatty acids? medium? long? very long? 21. Why wouldn’t we feed a lot of unsaturated fats to a pig? 22. What are the 2 classes of vitamins? 23. What are the projections in the rumen called? 24. How many lbs DM does 10lbs of silage that is 70% moisture provide to an animal? 25. What is the equation for apparent digestibility?

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