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What is the limitation associated with electricity as a form of energy? The current micro grid technology cannot deliver electricity to essential facilities during blackouts, storms, and other disasters. Approximately 35% of the electricity produced at power plants is lost through its transmission over long transmission lines, Once electricity is produced, it is moved around on the grid to meet demand, but for the most part it cannot be saved for later use. All of these are correct Select the MOST likely negative environmental impact of self-driving cars, Self-driving vehicles may become a substitute for public transportation, Self-driving vehicles in a sharing service may increase the number of miles traveled Driver less vehicles may require heavier-weight materials to withstand accidents. The operation of autonomous vehicles may decrease the demand for ethanol.

Three wells have been drilled by PNOC in order to find the thick coal seam in an undisclosed barangay. In order to track the seam into the adjoining barangay, the company geologists must know the strike and dip of the seam. The following data were obtained by the well-site crew. The wells were positioned at the corners of a square that is 500 m on a side. Two edges of the square trend north-south, and two edges trend east- west Well No. 1 12 3 Location NE NW SE Ground Elevation 730 m 850 m 760 m Depth to top of coal 220 m 1410 m 340 m What is the strike and dip of the coal seam?

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