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What is the literal meaning of geomorphology? a. The shape of the land b. Valleys C. Rivers d. Mountains QUESTION 2 Which side of the USA is most mountainous? a. west b. east QUESTION 3 What is the most erosive force? a. ice b.wind C. water d. lava QUESTION 4 What is the height of the shield volcano Mauna Loa (note Height above other objects)? O a. 13,700 ft. b. 13 ft. c. 7,000 ft d. 1,300 ft. QUESTION 5 What is the height of the shield volcano Olympus Mons (note Height above other objects)? a. 30,000 ft b. 16 miles c. 1.3 miles d. 7,000 ft. QUESTION 6 What is the long width of the shield volcano Mauna Loa? a. 75 miles b.7,000 miles c 13 miles d. 1 mile QUESTION 7 Click Save and Submit to see and submit Click Save All Ansters to save all answers otv

and taxes. As a result, the global REEs; explored for deposits outside of China; and promoted new efforts to conserve, recycle, and substitute for REES. The REE folder in the Module1.kmz layer contains the location, geologic and mineral economic data for world rare earth mines containing deposits of three REE important to the manufacturing of solar panels. Based on the number mine and deposit location, which country has the greatest Cobalt resources? [Select ] Hint: turn off all layers except Cobalt in the Module 1 file. Which of the following countries do NOT have any Lithium deposits? [Select) Which of the following countries has the greatest deposits of Tellurium? [Select) Answer 1: Australia Answer 2: India Answer 3: China

 You are a doctor on your 3rd year of residency on a native American reservation in South Dakota. A mother brings her baby to you because she is concerned that her behavior and motor skills are different than older siblings who were born in New Jersey before they moved to South Dakota which indicates there might be some sort of neurological deficit. You do not have a budget to look for biomarkers but if you did, what tests would you run? You are however given maps of the reservation as well as access to a State of Sotuh Dakota and national databases that contains weather information including rainfall, temperature and wind direction and air pollution data. What are you looking for on these maps. Imagine a scenario in which you found what you’re looking for on the maps, what is the most likely cause of the neurological deficit? 200 min. 400 max.

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