What is the main cranial nerve associated with the parasympathetic system? 12. Where are the cardiovascular and respiratory centers found in the brain? 13. What are the roles of the hypothalamus? 14. First, what is an action potential? 15. Second, use sodium, potassium and a membrane to describe an action potential? 16. Third, in what processes or mechanisms are action potentials important? 17. What is cholinergic receptor? 18. What is an adrenergic receptor?

Patient Case Question (1) Clinical symptoms are subjective manifestations of disease that may only be conveyed by the patient. La minimum of that this patal has conveyed that are consistent with a diagnosis of hypothyroid disease The parlent has described by symptom that are consistent were / Aypothyrolles which were feels dred cold all the wild www.fely physically and mentally sluggisk all the time; hands swollen, face pub; her skirt was extremely dry and flaky parlent Case Question (2) Clinical igare objective manifestations of disease that may be observed or measured by some other than the patimt fra une primary care provider. Lista minumum of 5 signs that this patient demonstrates that are comitent with a dispoons of hypothyroidium Parlent Cew Question (3.) Explain the pathophysiology underlying the patient’s boormal ERR (erythrocyte sedimentation Patient Care Question the implain the pathophysiology underlying the patie wollen hands and patty face Patient Con Question (5). Explain the pathophysiology behind the patient’s abnormal heart rate Three days following her last visit with her POP.K.G. was thoroughly evaluated at a large medical facility X-rays were taken of her hands and cha CT tooted of her neck, chest and abdomen. She was wen another ESR and pregnancy test, and complete Weed chemistry was run During her clinical the end frequent hot compress applications to him bands, neck and shoulders from a physical therapist and inceived daily hot whilpool bath for her many aches and Laboratory Blood Test Results See Patil Case Table 59.1 ESK 1331 35 350 000 WC dina 49 4:40 PM Styles Paragraph Laboratory Blood Test Results Ste Patient Care Table 591 Voice KA C 35 120 WEC ISO ESR 250,000 They provide bodies) WC at 49 mohli Thyroglobuli botas 45% lymphytes ocytes coses rosinophili Total Prepancy test pool Cholesterol 2100 T3 10 Calcio TSH 25 l 10 mg RBC Ha 3376 Per Case Owens. List blood laboratory tests that wer than a broto with a host of hypothyroid Patient Case Que?. Bund on the laboratory blood test reste a The 9.1.des dis parties have primary on secondary hypothyddan tiaplain why PARTE BLURALIDADE DE DISORDERS Close Peter Case Question: Why the passen ca cecebe uma VO Patient Care Question 6.1. blood laboratory the lower than awal ut content with dess of hypothyroid di Puntent Care Question 1. hand on the laboratory blood test Table 91, does this parties to primary secondary hypothyroid dana uglum why VARIL. EUROENDOCRINE DIGGILOLES Patient Can Quinn & Why might the passen concentratie besmal Patient Care Question. Why was Hashimoto thyroiditis estruded as the case of hypothyroit is this patia Treatment KG was presented oral voor daily and atticed a dramatir proti herpes whild menu thept process faceably less and weak With wifi, with ease and Patient Care Question ? Why is the permite consistent with hypothydd PATIENT CASE Initial Presentation Mo. KG. 1 a 29 year old white female who was enght mouth part de set of her lessle 52″ tall and weighs 140 pounds. She has son and daughter from a previous marriage. She has also mffered one muscamage previously Upon calling her PCP’s office and complaining of a severely sore throat, a potom of 10 the mitiation of mild were contract the war instructed to womandately to the emergency room The ER physician chore waliza and tomat her with antibiotics and Video up the countThree days later the freshed and there were no more contractions XG felt much better and she was released from the bopit Medical History Up to this time, the patient had been in excellent health. The only medications that was taking were prestalvitamin She had no known allergies, did not drink or make and did not use illegal drugs Clinical Course Four weeks lateraler uncomplicated delivery, KG ve birth to a healthy child Staten we Shew camped off whead hehe so pour delivery When asked specific questions by h PCP she ho admitted (ince her last delivery) to achmimo *Could I be pregnant again? she asked ancy test was conducted but determined eative It was recommended that she take profes for her just decim Preliminary diagnosis of the matoid art was considered but a blood test for theumatoid actor was give K returned to ber PCP two weeks later. She mind that the ibuprofen had been somewhat effective for pain but not completely and KG also mentioned that she was having to CASE STUDY 59 HYPOTHYROID DIS The PCP tha focus closed off in the world town Shead to her PCP that she 4:50 PM 1/19/2021 100% CASE STUDY HYPOTHYROID OLS pyllytyshme The Poeta often loof in the world oblivious two Sheta PCP that Tech and deliver be Mods we There was they told the PCP that she could not drive anymore be w he could be care for her two young children anymore and mother was providing care for them heiration. Becas of her poor mental state, she Patient Care Ouestion (1) Clinicalyproware vubjective manifestations of dease that may only he conveyed by the patient Lista minimum of what this paint has conveyed that are consistent with a diagnosis of hypothyroid disease The patient has describedste symptom that are consistent with a diagnosis of Ayparlereid disease which were feeling red cold all the time wild wespe, feit physically and mentally love all the time hands wollen; face pully her skin was extremely dry and fuky Patient Case Qucation (2.) Cimeal alguse objective manifestations of disease that may be observed or merred by someone other than the pattern austor primary O provider Lust a minimum of stenu that this patient demonstrates that are comitent with a diapons of hypothyroidim. Patient Cew Question (1) Haplon the pathophysiology underlying the patututo ESR (erythrocyadumentation Patient Case Question fliplom the pathophysiology under the patients will find and puffy face Paint Ce Question (3). Explain the pathophysiology behind the pattabomalbare Three days wing her last visit with her POPKG was thoroughly evaluate medical facility Xeys were the hands and when we consid of het neck the abdomen. She was wwe mother ER and pancy test and a complete Wood chemistry panel run Dwinger climate ved frequest hot comptes applications to her hands, neck and shoulders from a physical therapist and received daily hot whilpool but for her mwyaches and am Close Laboratory Blood Test Results

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