lu In chemiosmosis, what is the most direct source of energy used to phosphorylate App to ATP?) no energy source is needed (b) energy released from Het transport through ATP-synthase (9) energy from substrate phosphoryla- tion d) electron flow through the ETS 12. Which metal ion is at the core of the chlorophyll molecule? (a) Iron Fe Copper (Cu) (c) magnesium [Mg] Calzinc (Zn) 13. All of the following result from the Krebs cycle EXCEPT ra) Cóż formations release (b) formation of water from oxygen, electrons, protons [N”) (C) ATP production cd FADHz formation (e) NADH production 14. Which of the following (SUMMARY) reactions. ultimately produces the most new) ATP molecules under aerobic Conditions ? (a) Acetyl CoA > CO,+H20 (6) 2 Pyruvic Acid → 2 Acety! Co A C6) Glucose +2 Pyrovic Acid (d) 2PGAL+ 2 Pyruvic Acid (e) z Acety! Co A 2 Citric Acid 15. Which is not needed for photosynthesis ? (a) NADP (6) CO, (c) H20 @light le) 02 16. Which.compound is involved in BOTH the light and dark reactions of photosynthesis ? (a) 02 (6) NÁDPH GC) CO2 (d) chlorophyll lej PSAL (GSP) 17. Carbon-fixation takes place in which part of the (d) c’hlorophyll molecules (e) cristde (Calvin cycle or Dark Reactions) 18. The source of carbon for carbon-fixation ( Calvin Cycle ) is ra) glucose (b) PEAL CC CO, (d) RuBP ***pathway 19. Which is not found in photosystem I? (a) chlorophyll a. (b) carotenoid’s c) an ETS (a) P700 reaction Center (e) chlorophyll P680 20. Which process in eukaryotic cells will normally la) oxidative phosphorylation (b) electron transport (c) glycolysis’ (d)’ fermentation (e) the Krebs cycle

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