Suppose you can use siRNA to knockdown cytochrome C expression from cultured Hela cells, and furthermore that these cells can survive just fine using glycolysis as their sole source of ATP production. To test the relationship between cytochrome C and various apoptotic pathways, you will apply the following treatments in cyto C-depleted cells and then measure apoptosis. Based upon what we learned in class, predict the experimental outcomes and briefly rationalize each prediction A. (1 pt.) Stimulate apoptosis using UV light-induced DNA damage B. (1 pt.) Stimulate apoptosis using FAS ligand added to culture media. C. (1 pt.) Stimulate apoptosis by overexpression of BAX. D. (1 pt.) Stimulate apoptosis by any of the methods above in the presence of the drug ZVAD, a general caspase inhibitor.

When cardiac ejection stops during diastole , what is the most important factor maintaining blood flow in arteries of the body? Select one: Elastic recoil of the arteries close to the heart Ob. Contraction of the atria O c. Closing of the venous valves d. Contraction of the skeletal muscle

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