RESPIRATORY SYSTEM HOMEWORK 1. What is the muscular passageway that serves as a common passageway for food and air? 2. The main stimulus for increasing breathing rate and depth involves? 3. What lowers the surface tension of fuid lining the alveoli, preventing collapse of the lung? 4. Why does vital capacity decrease in old age? Match the following: S. what is the sequence of gas exchange? The process of pulmonary ventilation is commonly called Where are the alveoli found? Which of the following statements regarding expiration is FALSE? 8 9. What is the pressure in the lungs during inspiration? A. Breathing B. In the lungs C. Breathing moves air in and out of the lungs oxygen diffuses from alveoli in the lung into the capillaries oxygen enters RBC, where it binds to the protein hemoglobin oxygen diffuses from the blood to the body’s tissues, and carbon dioxide diffuses from the tissues to the blood carbon dioxide leaves the body when we exhale D. Lower than atmospheric air pressure E. Expiration in healthy people is a largely active process, which relies on muscle contraction of the internal intercostal muscles 10.What is the maximum volume of air that can be expelled from the lungs called? a. Nasal cavity b. Oxyhemoglobin c. Residual volume d. Vital capacity

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