hat is the name of the enzyme in the pabcreatic solution that is responsible for the breakdown of starch?

b) does the pancreas release this enzyme in an active or inactive form?

9) enzymes are compartmentalized within the body to locations that provide the optimal conditions the stimach and the small intestine are two separate compartments within the body

a) how does the pH differ in the stomach versus the small intestine(hint how does the pH of tube #3 from the gastric digestion of albumin differ from that of tube #1 of the pancreatic digestion of starch

b) what component of pancreatic juice is necessary to create the proper pH for pancreatic enzymes

  1. What is the number of your birth month? 

  • September 9
  1. Draw your appearance as an atom. Around the nucleus, put the correct number of electrons in their correct valence shells. 

  2. Which type of bond would you like to form to become stable? 

  3. You want to form a bond with so that you will become stable. You are going to bond to an atom/s with 7 valance electrons. Draw the ion or molecule that you formed.

  4. 5. Explain why you are stable in this configuration.

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