What is the name of the nucleotide on the right? a. adenosine triphosphate c. deoxyadenosine diphosphate e. deoxyadenosine monophosphate b. deoxyganosine diphosphate d. guanosine monophosphate 18. H ow many phosphoester and phosphoanhydride bonds are in this nucleotide? Ou a. 2,0 b. 1,0 d. 0,1 e.1,1 9. Put the following three DNA sequences (only forward strand shown) in order of increasing melting temperature: 1) GGGATTCGTATCCTGACATC 2) GCATTGACCTCTGA 3) ATTCTTGAAACAAT 1,2,3 c. 2,3,1 b. 3,2,1 a. 2,1,3

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