Which of these is not always a dietary essential fatty acid? Linoleic a b. Linolenic Arachidonic 35. Which one of these is a monosaccharide that occurs in significant amounts in free form in nature? Glucose a. b. Galactose c. Aspartame d. Ribose e. Insulin 36. What is the primary function of carbohydrates in animal nutrition? Skeletal backbone for amino acid manufacture a b. Glycogen manufacture Source of dietary energy C. d. Synthesis of enzymes, hormones, and metabolites Carbon skeletons for triglyceride anabolism 37. Anaerobic microbial enzymes break lignin bonds. True or false? True a b. False 38. Since cellulose is so abundant, it is a good thing that mammals produce cellulase to digest it? True or false? True a b. False 39. All the essential fatty acids are saturated. There is no dietary requirement for unsaturated fats. True, true a b. False, true c. False, false d. True, false

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