1. What is the role of the mediator in eukaryotic transcription? (circle all that apply) a. Phosphorylates the C-terminus of an RNA polymerase II component to promote transition to the elongation phase b. Recruits the 5 General Transcription Factors (GTFs) to the core promoter c. Interacts with pre-initiation complex and specific transcription factors to influence stability of the pre-initiation complex d. Binds to the TATA box of the core promoter e. Mediates interactions between RNA polymerase I, II, and III


  1. Which of the following DNA elements or protein complexes are necessary for RNA polymerase II-mediated transcription? (circle all that apply) a. TATA box b. General transcription factors (GTFs) c. Silencer sequence d. Extended promoter e. Mediator complex


  1. Which of the following would be necessary to test the Lyons hypothesis (X chromosome is randomly and permanently inactivated early in development) regarding X-chromosome inactivation (circle all that apply)? a. The tested organism must be female b. The tested gene must produce a fast migrating protein and a slow one on a gel c. The genes studied were on the X chromosome d. The observation of which X-chromosome is condensed into a Barr body must occur e. The test must assess which which X is inactivated through multiple cell divisions


  1. Which of the following could have a temperature sensitive mutation? (Circle all that apply) a. rut site b. dnaA gene c. -10 hexamer of a promoter d. dnaG (Primase) e. rpoD (sigma factor gene)

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