What is the source of variation in a population?

A. environmental change
B. the diversity of the food supply for a population
C. spontaneous mutations
D. the use of certain body parts that makes them change

2. Which description applies to a vestigial structure or trait?

A. It represents evidence supporting the common descent and separate types models for modern organisms.
B. It did not have a necessary function in more ancestral organisms, but it does in more evolved organisms.
C. It is the result of convergent evolution.
D. It is a type of homologous trait that is found in diverse organisms.

3. How would a cell with higher-than-average metabolism compare to a cell with normal metabolism during a specific period of time?

A. It would produce larger amounts of waste.
B. It would break down substances at the same rate.
C. It would die more quickly.
D. It would consume less energy.

4. Which food is likely to provide your body with the most nutrients?

A. boiled broccoli
B. canned broccoli
C. broccoli sautéed in butter
D. raw broccoli

5. Select the true statement about supplements.

A. When excess calories are consumed as protein in protein shakes, they are turned in to muscle.
B. Drinking bottled water is better for your health than drinking tap water.
C. Supplementing with mega-doses of vitamins has been shown to help prevent cancer.
D. Eating a diet rich in trans fats is correlated with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.
E. Eating fiber bars is often more healthful than eating fiber-rich vegetables because fiber bars contain more non-nutritive additives.

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