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What is the target score of handling (or feeding) for a part according to Lucas’s DFA principle? (a) 1.0 (b) 1.5 (c) 2.0 (d) 2.5 Q1(1). Which of the following is not an essential factor to decide whether a part shall be considered for elimination based on the Hitachi’s DFA method? (a) Motion (b) Material (c) Service (d) Part Geometry Q1(m). Determine the cycle time if the insertion rate for a high-speed automatic work head is 60 parts/min. (a) 0.5 s (b) 1 s (c) 1.5 s (d) 2 s Q1(n). In Design for Drilling, what is the purpose of reaming operation? (a) Making rectangular holes (b) Making cylindrical holes (c) Enlarging drilling holes (d) Finishing holes (or slightly remove material from the hole)

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