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What is the width of the shield volcano Olympus Mons? a. 1 mile b.7,000 miles Oc 374 miles d. 130 miles QUESTION 8 What is reasonable to say about figure 2? a. Olympus Mons is a meteorite crater b. Olympus Mons is huge! Oc Plate tectonics on Mars is hugel d. The low gravity on Mars made it big! QUESTION? What is the height of the composite volcano Mt. St. Helens (note Height above other objects? Note rounded to nearest. a 13,700 Ft b. 500 ft c 8,300 ft Cd 13,000 ft QUESTION 10 1 points SI What is the elevation of the composite volcano Nevado del Ruiz (note Height above sea level? Note rounded to nearest a. 11,500 b. 13,000 ft c 17,500 ft. d. 18,300 QUESTION 11 1 points SAN What is the Height of Mt. Capulin? Also as a hint, what kind of volcanoes are these? They are both the same type and they have a maximum height of aboutm Also height is not elevation Elevation is measured from sea level, but height is measured by subtracting the base of the volcano elevation from the top of the volcanoes elevation Use google earth a 18,000 ft thirteenthousand 5:17.500 ft seventeen thousand 11.500 it eleven thousand d. 1, 1357 One thousand

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