What is Totipotency-give an example of cells showing totipotency? 12. What is Pluripotency – give an example of cells showing pluripotency? 13. What is Multipotency- give an example of cells showing multipotency? 14. What is oligopotency-give an example showing oligopotency? 15. What is unipotency-give an example showing unipotency? 16. What are human embryonic cells? 17. Where are embryonic cells found? I 18. What are inner mass cells and when and where they are found? 19. What are the differences between lab and clinical diagnosis- please write your answer by considering to distinguishing Flu versus COVID-19 diagnosis? 20. What are ribozymes? 21. What are the differences between prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines? 22. What are the implications of human genome project?

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