What makes embryonic stem cells so unique? In what ways might stem cells benefit science? Have you heard of any ongoing research in this subject?
2. Do you have another example of pseudoscience or quackery that you have witnessed in your life? If you’d be willing to share, have you ever been “fooled” by quakery?
3. Other than temperatures and water balance, give me an example of how your body maintains homeostasis of a different system. What are the sensors controllers and efforts of the system you described?
4. Water is an important molecule for your body. List all the ways you think how water helps us maintain homeostasis. For example HOW does it help water balance, blood pressure, temperature… etc. Can you think of a system that needs water for balance other than those mentioned in lecture?

What of the following is used by animal cells for cytokinesis? Cell plate O Vacuole Contractile ring None of the above QUESTION 25 In meiosis, the formation of tetrads occurs in.. interphase II prophase II TS

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