Different genes have been identified as causative for inherited forms of deafness. Because inherited deafness is a relatively rare characteristic in the population, individuals who are homozygous recessive for one gene that causes deafness are typically homozygous for functional alleles at other loci controlling the hearing phenotype. Knowing this, suppose a deaf man is homozygous for a recessive deafness allele on chromosome 17. He marries a deaf woman who is homozygous for a different recessive deafness allele on chromosome 3. What is the probability that they will have a child who is deaf due to either of these two mutated genes?

A. 100%

B. 75%

C. 50%

D. 25%

E. Closest to 0%

name a couple of ways that sugars are modified in the cell?
what metabolic pathways involve sugar ? (name 3)

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